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FN Browning Hi-Power

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DPM Springs & Tube Set-up for FN Browning Hi-Power

This DPM setup offers 6 Adjustable user settings.

Included are a DPM Buffer Tube, three different in length buffer springs (small) & three different in length external springs. This allows the user to fine-tune the weapon for his/her personal standards. The long spring (more coils) is stronger and has a heavier pound rating than the shorter spring. 

The Buffer Tube must always be installed when the DPM buffer springs (small) & the three different in length external springs are used.


Overall Advantages

  • Faster follow up shots
  • Improved firing speed
  • Slide and frame protection
  • Elimination of jams
  • Significant recoil reduction
  • Better double-tap concentration
  • Better control and greater accuracy