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Advanced Communication & Strategy Training

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Advanced Communication & Strategy Training


Communication is an essential aspect of disaster preparation. In the event of a disaster, traditional channels of communication such as phone lines and internet may become unreliable. This is where radio and mesh networks come into play. With the emergence of advanced technologies such as Meshtastic, it is now possible to have efficient communication even in the most challenging of situations. As such, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of advanced strategies for radio, Meshtastic, and none radio communication for disaster preparation.

Radio communication has been an integral part of disaster response for decades. In the event of a disaster, traditional communication channels are often down, making it difficult to coordinate rescue and relief efforts. Radios, however, operate on a different frequency and can still function even when other forms of communication fail. As such, it is crucial to have a good understanding of radio communication and how to operate it effectively in case of a disaster.

Radio communication requires technical expertise for effective operation. One must have knowledge of the various radio frequencies and how to tune into them. Furthermore, understanding how to use different modes such as AM, FM, and SSB is crucial in emergency situations. Additionally, basic troubleshooting skills are essential in case of any technical difficulties. The key to effective radio communication during a disaster is preparedness.

This training class is based in WA only.

This class will cover: 

  • Types of communication
  • What is EMCOM
  • 10 Commandments of EMCOM
  • Communication ideology 
  • Risks of each type of communication
  • Advantages of each type of communication
  • Balancing risk of each type of communication
  • Gear break down and build out options

Please keep in mind these classes are not refundable or transferable however in some cases Range Tough staff will allow rescheduling.