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Our TRUE BLUE Gun Oil has a very low coefficient of friction. Through Polymerization, Dumonde Techs MRCC technology, it’s wetting and migrating ability, molecular plating of all surfaces, contact points, and moving parts through movement, heat and pressure. TRUE BLUE Gun Oil will reduce attrition in high wear areas. TRUE BLUE Gun Oil does not need to stay viscous to stay on the contact areas (rails, slides ….) where it has polymerized. The microscopic plating, is not easy to remove which is precisely what you want while maintaining very low coefficient of friction. Does not build-up or create a sticky substance which inhibits smooth action of firearm components. Does not “burn off” like CLP’s do. TRUE BLUE lubricants have 8 times higher lubricity then old technology PTFE / Teflon. Suspended ceramic in an oil. Please!!

Paintball, Airsoft and Airguns, TRUE BLUE Gun Oil keeps o-ring pliable for optimal seal. No dieseling. You do not need an airsoft specific lube to do the same function.

Our 1/2oz “Bullet bottle” is like no other needle applicator in the gun market. Child resistant cap, stays sealed, leak proof, protects the needle. Cap it and Pack it!

Don’t be confused by the claimed high flash point of other brands. What they don’t mention is what occurs when their lube exceeds their flash point. They create their own carbon! Carbon is abrasive, increases wear, can effect function. Because of Dumonde Tech formulation, TRUE BLUE Gun Oil creates noticeably less carbon! As TRUE BLUE Gun Oil is introduced to heat (even microscopic), the flash point increase as the polymerization develops and the lube starts to become a solid at a microscopic level.

This is where the uniqueness of Dumonde Tech’s MRCC technology really starts to differentiate itself from all other brands!

TRUE BLUE isn’t part of the thick v thin oil debate. If a lube runs out and makes a mess, that is over application! If you feel you need to over apply or “run it wet” because the performance diminishes too quickly, you need TRUE BLUE Gun Oil!

Sizes available:
 Sample, 1/2oz & 2oz. Bulk sizes: 32oz, 64oz, 128oz.

Other Uses: Re-loaders, fishing reels, folding knives or any time a lightweight oil is needed.


  • Smartest needle bottle in the industry.
  • Odorless
  • Does not create its own carbon like other lubricants
  • Will not “burn off” like CLP’s do
  • 8 time higher lubricity then PTFE / Teflon
  • Excellent lubricant for Paintball, Airsoft and Airgun
  • Cold temperatures or high heat has little to no effect on performance.
  • Pour Point is -35ºf / -37ºc
  • Flash Point 244ºF / 18ºC  1140ºF / 615ºC once polymerized
  • High corrosion protection for short and semi long term storage. For long term storage, we recommend our Gun Grease.
  • Water Proof. Protects against fresh water and sea water exposure directly or atmosphere.