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Range Tough LLC

Upgraded T-Beam Mesh



Ultra-low-power LoRa Mesh Router Node. Use this unit to create or extend your Mesh network where off grid or covert communications are needed. The software for these boards is evolving very quickly, but these nodes should be a great option for mesh network nodes in many conditions.

Mesh communication devices are compact and portable devices that enable wireless communication between multiple devices within a network. These devices create a mesh network, where each device functions as a node that can transmit and receive data. Unlike traditional networks that rely on a central router, mesh communication devices allow for decentralized communication, making them ideal for scenarios where a reliable and flexible network is required. They use radio frequency signals to establish connections between devices, enabling seamless communication even in environments with obstacles or long distances. Mesh communication devices are commonly used in various applications such as smart homes, industrial automation, outdoor events, disaster management and covert communications.

Package includes:

  • Assembled WisBlock Kit W/ BLE and LoRA
  • Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 1200mAh
  • Optional OLED Screen
  • Internally Mounted PCB Antenna for BLE
  • Externally mounted LoRA Antenna
  • Latest firmware supporting the RAK4631

WisBlock board Specs:
RAK4631 WisBlock Board: Nordic nRF52840 MCU & BLE 5.0 Radio, Semtech SX126x LoRa transceivers.

This is a unit that requires the latest Meshtastic firmware. These boards do not have WiFi or a web server built-in so the Meshtastic web interface is not available. This product can take up to 30 days if being ordered between product drops. Range Tough has the right to process a return during the manufacturing process. This does not apply to fully stocked products. 

*These boards are rigorously inspected for malicious hardware and software. This products ships with the latest stable build and are RT certified to be safe.