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True Blue

TRUE BLUE Gun Grease



TRUE BLUE Gun Grease is the shit for any firearms tolerances, tight or loose. MRCC ™ and Polymerization provides smooth high-performing action, stays viscous, will never degrade to a sticky gooey substance caused by heat and age. Retains a film to maintain hydrodynamics (keeps mechanisms from touching) even high pressure areas.

Has high corrosion protection for short or long term storage. Works as an anti-seize.

Contains no PTFE/Teflon/Ceramic/Lithium.  We are much better than that with compounds used in the aerospace industry. Performs in a broad temperature range from high heat to cold.  Pour Point is -30F / -34C degrees. We love the heat!

Available sizes: 1oz and 4oz tubs.

NOTE: With all greases, some oil bleed is normal. Stir as needed.

Other applications: Reloading presses, fishing reels & where a lite weight grease is needed.


  • Uses Aerospace technology and compounds. Extremely low co-efficient of friction. Slick. Slippery. Smooth.
  • 10 times slipperier then Teflon (PTFE) which is old school technology.
  • Ceramic infused lubricants? Please! We don’t do gimmicks. No BS.
  • Out performs lithium greases which can effect seals.
  • High sheer strength to prevent galling in guns and chokes. Great for threads.
  • Prevents stuck choke tubes caused by corrosion, stress of steel shot loads, high temperatures and pressure from repeated skeet and trap shooting
  • Performs in high pressure areas such as bolt lugs.
  • Stays in place to maintain very high film strength to keeps mechanisms from touching.
  • Excellent for muzzle loader breech plugs to prevent seizing
  • High corrosion protection to all metal surfaces for short or long term storage.
  • Performs in temperature range from high heat to extreme cold.
  • Pour Point is -30ºF / -34ºC degrees.
  • Does not degrade to a sticky gooey substance.
  • Water Proof. Protects against sea water exposure direct or atmosphere.