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Arsenal Firearms Strike Two 4″ *B.O.S.S



DPM Telescopic Recoil Reduction System Arsenal Firearms Strike Two 4″

This system works due to the multi spring intricate rod (three springs) and controls the functionality of the pistol. The three springs of the system are aligned and gradually compress, so as to offer an elastic effect of the slide travel and to control the movement of the slide so it never rams on the frame.
Included with the System are two external springs with different power ratings so the shooter can fine-tune the pistol recoil with different types of ammunition according to his/her personal standards.

Overall Advantages

  • Faster follow up shots
  • Improved firing speed
  • Slide and frame protection
  • Elimination of jams
  • Significant recoil reduction
  • Better double-tap concentration
  • Better control and greater accuracy